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The Missoula community is blessed to have a large number of people who value and support the arts. Each month Arts Missoula will recognize a new Arts Missoula STAR for his or her important contribution to the Missoula arts landscape.  Some of our STARS are artists, some are musicians.  Some are business people who generously give of their time and resources.  Some are behind the scenes and would not be known by the general public for their contribution.  Some are educators who are making sure that the arts are a valued part of our children’s education. All have a place in our Galaxy of Valued Arts Supporters.

If you would like more information or have a suggestion for a Star nomination please call (406)-541-0860.

ARTS Missoula Stars:         

January 2018: Doug Grimm, Volunteer, First Night Missoula

December 2017: Barb West, Parent, Volunteer & Board Member at Garden City Ballet                   
November 2017: Jen Bardsley, K-8 Art Teacher at Sussex School
October 2017: Mindy Hammit, English and Social Studies teacher at CS Porter School

September 2017: Jurgen Knoeller, Bayern Brewing