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FEATURED ARTIST | Joel Makeci & Family

Nakusalimia (Hello!) We thank God for this job. These songs are for a friend who is in need, sang and performed by my family. Too often in this day of age, we stop listening to our spirit. Through these harmonies and melodies, you can listen again to your spirit and reach closer to hear God. My name is Joel Makeci Ebuela of the Babembe tribe. I am from the Democratic Republic of Congo. As you may know, the terrible conflicts in my country have forced my family and I to relocate to the USA. I would like to say thank you to the kind people of the United States, of Montana, and especially of Missoula for helping my family on our difficult journey find a place and make us feel at home.




1:30 pm - Intro to African Dance
2:30 pm - Greek Folk Dance Class
3:30 pm - International Folk Dance Class
2:00 pm - Flamenco Montana
5:00 pm - Soft Landing Missoula Showcase
6:30 pm - UM Recital Hall
6:30 pm - Djebe Bara

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