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Tribal Connections

University Center Commons, 1 pm to 3 pm

Share in the tribal connections of various tribal members of Missoula. Join in on a variety of activities including making traditional crafts and learning their meaning, watch an exhibition of various tribal dances and join in on a few, and meet local tribal artists and take in their work.

jackgladstone-w800Jack Gladstone

University Center Theater, 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

As “Montana’s Troubadour,” I deliver to my audiences lyrical and musical imagery. This imagery is concerned with ecological, historical, and contemporary fiber of the diverse landscape of Montana.

Songs of the Dawn Priests: A History of the Crow People

University Center Theater, 6 pm to 7 pm

The history of the Crow People is closely tied to the Montana, Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan landscape. Franco Littlelight shares this history through storytelling, song, poetry, music, and images. Using oral traditions, anthropology research, and archaeological perspectives the origin story of the Crow People unfolds from the mythic wellspring to the separation from the Sioux and Hidatsa, from life along the Yellowstone to the heartbreaking separation from the Yellowstone valley marking the end of the Buffalo Days.’