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ALL VOLUNTEER SHIFTS HAVE CURRENTLY BEEN FILLED! If you would like to be put on our On-Call List in case there are any cancellations, please fill out the form, and at the question, “Where would you like to volunteer?” mark “I’m not sure.”

We will contact you directly if we need you. Thank you for your help!

First Night Missoula is an expansive event that takes place all over Missoula, and for that reason, we need a lot of volunteers and extra hands. Most venues need two volunteers per ~two-hour shift, so this is a great opportunity to sign up with a friend. All volunteer shifts will take place inside, and food and refreshments will be provided by us at our office at 327 E Broadway the day of the event.

In order to sign up, just fill out the form below. Only select shifts that you know you want, not just your preferences. You may sign up for more than one shift.

There will also be an optional training orientation on December 29th at 6pm in the basement of the Missoula First United Methodist Church (300 E Main St).