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This intercultural and global competence training branch collaborates with schools to help prepare young learners for success in culturally diverse environments. We firmly believe that intercultural and global competence begins with education!  This service concentrates on enhancing classroom curricula and transforming learners of all grade and age levels by:

  • Infusing cultural and global content, as well as perspectives into existing curricula.
  • Providing external, culturally diverse opinions and viewpoints to learners.
  • Offering innovative, tailor-made modules that connect to classroom learning goals.
  • Participating in interactive opportunities that increase awareness and understanding of other cultures.
  • Assisting with the cultural integration of diverse students in classroom environments.

There is a widespread recognition that a comprehensive understanding of global issues, cultures and people is critical to the United States’ efforts to protect democratic principles, support social justice, improve economic competitiveness, and empower future leaders. 

“Our students have the opportunity and challenge of living and working in a diverse and rapidly changing world. Public schools must prepare our young people to understand and address global issues, and educators must re-examine their teaching strategies and curriculum so that all students can thrive in this global and interdependent society.”   – National Education Association President Dennis Van Roekel

Global and Cultural Affairs – Promoting Intercultural Understanding in Classrooms


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