Missoula Arts Connection

Missoula Arts Connection

Wednesday, August 23rd

Missoula Arts Connection was a small get-together that occurred last month.  This public gathering was an opportunity for the art community of Missoula, and anyone interested in the arts, to come together and discuss what our destination, Missoula, means in the larger picture. Missoula has truly become an “Arts Destination” for travelers. So, the question becomes: what does this mean for business owners, artists, art lovers, Missoulians, and tourists? What does the future of the arts in Missoula look like? What are we doing to accomplish our outreach goals now? How can we work together to accomplish these goals?

These questions guided the discussion at Missoula Arts Connection. The speakers included Missoula Mayor, John Engen. Also, Michael McGill from Missoula Community Theatre, Tom Bensen from ARTS Missoula, Barb Neilan/Jim McGowan from Visit Missoula, and Lisa Simon from the Radius Gallery.

Discussion ensued regarding all of the individual pods that make up the art community and how they can come together with one collective voice. How do artists, non-profits, and other art organizations combine their individual objectives into one synergistic effort to make this message: “We are an Arts Destination!”, heard? This meeting was the beginning of an ongoing discussion, therefore no exact plan of action was decided upon. If you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding this topic please email becca@artsmissoula.org.

ARTS Missoula would like to extend a thank you to Destination Missoula for hosting the event, and the Missoula Community Theatre for allowing us to use the venue space.