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This branch develops and implements community outreach training programs on intercultural awareness and global competence development, as well as seminars specific to global issues and topics.  It reinforces existing bridges between the diverse communities in the Garden City by:

  • Linking Missoula to the world and the world to Missoula, by sharing diverse cultures, traditions, customs and values.
  • Supporting cultural integration of diverse individuals and groups into the Missoula community.
  • Facilitating a variety of culturally engaging public events, presentations, celebrations and exhibits that foster mutual understanding and respect.
  • Building intercultural and global tolerance and understanding through various forms of art, produced by diverse artists.
  • Hosting the World View Film Series – Cultures In Motion at the Roxy Community Theater, starting fall 2018.

This branch stimulates environments through which communities will thrive. Our goal is to contribute to an atmosphere in which community involvement and development creates the foundation for growth opportunities in a variety of areas.

Global and Cultural Affairs – Fostering Dialogue for an Inclusive Community


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