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The Arts are Essential

All Missoula County Public School (k-8) students must have equal access to diverse arts learning opportunities that inspire curiosity, communication, and creativity.


Arts Missoula has teamed up with the Missoula County Public Schools (MCPS), the City of Missoula, and a broad range of local arts organizations to help bring our community the Any Given Child Initiative. The program, developed by the Kennedy Center, focuses on ensuring equal access to diverse arts learning opportunities for any given child in our community.

To learn more about the program and people involved, follow the link to an introductory video.

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• Develop and carry out long-term goals and short-term action steps for planning, implementing, and sustaining arts education programs and resources for students.
• Establish an organizational infrastructure to oversee and sustain an effective effort.
• Develop support systems (including data collection, resources, and professional development) for arts specialists, administrators, arts organizations, and teaching artists.
• Secure funding and other resources necessary to sustain the community’s long-term goals for K-8 arts education for every child.
• Communicate and collaborate with policymakers and leaders to influence arts and education policy in the school district, local government, and arts organizations, so that the initiative’s gains are institutionalized.
• The Kennedy’s Center’s Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child Program will assist the Missoula Community in developing and implementing a plan for expanded arts education through a three phase process.

The Plan

Phase One: Strategic Planning (Year 1)

A Kennedy Center Consulting team will guide the Missoula Community Arts team comprised of community members and educators in a strategic planning process. Throughout Phase One, teams will determine the current status of arts education and identify gaps in existing programs and resources. Findings will be used to develop long-range goals and action steps which are reported out.

Phase Two: Implementation (Years 2, 3, and 4)

An Implementation Committee, along with the assistance of the Kennedy Center consulting team, will oversee the implementation of the strategic plan and provide access to select resources.

Phase Three: Sustaining (Year 5 and beyond)

The Kennedy Center staff will continue to provide technical assistance and resources to sustain and expand arts education offerings in the Missoula community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why focus on K-8 only?

Any Given Child focuses its efforts on students of grades K-8 because electives dictate art classes in high school. It is anticipated that as arts education increases in grades K-8, more demand will follow onto high school.

Why focus only on public and charter schools?

Because the Any Given Child initiative is partially supported by tax-payer dollars, it focuses efforts on equity and access to arts education in public schools and public charter schools.

Why focus on arts programs and resources delivered only during the school day? Why not focus on after-school programs?

The Any Given Child initiative seeks to improve equity in arts education. Since only some students have access to after-school programs, the initiative’s focus remains on programs and resources available to students within the school day. These resources may be offered at the school or at community venues.

What is the financial commitment?

The Any Given Child site assumes responsibility for convening the Community Arts Team (CAT), data collection, and drafting and implementing the strategic plan. The Kennedy Center facilitates CAT strategic planning and leverages existing Kennedy Center resources to support the implementation of the site’s strategic plan.