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First Night Missoula 2018

Big Sky High School Theater Festival
Please read all information below before submitting your work to the Big Sky High School Theater Festival set to take place at First Night Missoula – Sunday, December 31 at the Roxy Theater. All participants will receive free admission to First Night Missoula. Deadline to sign up is October 20, 2017.

Guidelines & Restrictions

    • Original Material

    • We are seeking original works in any aspect of theater, be it dance, improv, sketch comedy, or short original works. You may use copyrighted music in your performance, however our budget does not allow licensing plays and other copyrighted works.
    • Stage

    • Stage size is 25 feet wide and 10 feet deep. We recommend you tape off this amount of space in your rehearsals.
    • Backstage and storage for props may not be available. If available, it will likely be very limited and you should plan to do without.
    • Sound & Lighting

    • Sound assistance will be provided, however we cannot manage complex sound cues throughout the performance. Expect only opening and closing music cues. If you are capable of running your own cues, it may be possible provided you are able to attend special training at the Roxy Theater prior to your performance – there is no guarantee that this will be available.
    • Similar to sound, please expect only lights up at the beginning and lights down at the end.
    • Set Up & Strike

    • The average time for set up and strike at this festival is 15 min. each. There are over 80 performing groups participating and quick turnaround is essential to keep things running smoothly. Please include set up and strike in your rehearsal process to ensure that you are able to get in and out quickly.


Important information concerning your participation in this festival will be communicated by email throughout November and December. Please provide an email address you will be able to check regularly during that time. Information will also be forwarded to your teacher, however please remember it is YOUR responsibility to keep on top of deadlines and communications.


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