First Night Parking Meter Art

Photography by Jazmine RaymondPhotography by Jazmine Raymond
Photography by Jazmine RaymondPhotography by Jazmine Raymond

If you came to First Night Missoula, it’s fairly likely that you stopped by the University Center and saw people lining up to paint their very own old parking meters, the ones that were decommissioned and replaced last year. The project was open to anyone with a First Night button. “What the heck are they going to do with those?” you might have wondered.

Great question. About half were taken home by their new owners, and the 37 meters that were left are being put to use in the best way possible: public art.

Arts Missoula is working with the Public Art Committee and the Missoula Downtown Foundation to choose the cream of the crop for installation in a Missoula public space. The Public Art Committee (PAC) has generously agreed to help with administration, fundraising, and the art calls for future meters. This means that this First Night project has opened up the doorway to a larger, potentially yearly project, in which artists will be selected to commission meter designs!

Thanks also go to the Missoula Downtown Foundation, who kindly donated the meters and are helping choose the locations for the meters.

Keep your ears tuned for more information about the future parking meters that will be commissioned! And meanwhile, take a gander at these photos (click here →) of the parking meters that will be up for selection!