7:00 pm // Dana Gallery

Intended for All Ages

The FreeSessions is an incubation ground for new musical projects and collaborations. Every month a curator presents a new piece of music or concept or improvisation for the first 30 minutes. It is a place to grow your musicality and yourself.

We will be presenting 3 of our curators from the past year, each with a half hour set. For the final hour we will host an improvised set open to all who attend, inspired by these 3 artists.

Missoula Conduction Orchestra

Missoula Conduction Orchestra features Missoula's finest improvisers and creative musicians. A multi-generational array of musicians with backgrounds ranging from jazz to country to classical and beyond, MCO uses a form of improvisation called "Conduction"- a method of using signals to construct or modify sound in real time developed by Butch Morris in the 1980's in New York City. MCO's debut in December of 2017 at the FreeSessions was a dynamic and engrossing musical experience, drawing upon the richness of the musical traditions from which these musicians stem. MCO is directed by Naomi Siegel who has been a member of Wayne Horvitz's conduction ensemble and Wayne was a member of the Butch Morris Conduction Ensemble in 1987.

Michael Musick

Michael Musick is a media artist, creative technologist, composer, performer and improviser. His current practice and research is collected under The Sonic Spaces Project which aims to create, explore, and define sonic space ecosystems; a type of eco-art and interactive music system. This project aims to explore principles of complex systems, natural ecosystems, cybernetics, and emergence, through interactive music systems. Michael has additional research interests in installation art, soundscape, and creative improvisation. As a performer, he uses a computer as his instrument to understand, process, amplify, and play with any sounds occurring within the performance space.

Jenni Long Trio

Jenni Long, the trumpet player for local DYI bands Tormi and Cairns, presents a set of her newly written compositions. Molly Buchannan, the guitarist and bandleader of Tormi, and Brian Tremper, a multi-genre percussionist and the drummer for several local bands, join her on stage. The music is inspired by Jenni’s affinity for independent rock, punk, and jazz. She brings the three together with singing trumpet melodies, gritty guitar effects, introspective lyrics, and auxiliary percussion. The pieces are interspersed with improvised solos and interactions between the trio.

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