4 to 7 pm // Free Cycles

$30 Workshop

Drop in guided workshop
4" x 4" Cast Iron Artwork
Free Admission to First Night Festival

$15 with First Night Button

Iron Pour & Concert

7:30 pm to Midnight
Free with First Night Button
Concert Lineup

Happy New Year! Thanks to everyone who came out. Unclaimed iron art is being cleaned up and will be available for pick up beginning Thursday Jan. 3rd.

First Night Iron Pour

This will be an educational, creative, and performative foundry event on New Year’s Eve. Scrap iron will be melted in a coke (fuel coal) fired furnace and then poured into molds to create art by community members and local artists. This will be a family friendly event, with the fiery act of casting being safely executed by a trained crew of artists from the University of Montana School of Art Graduate Program.

During the day community participants will be able to carve relief tiles or “scratch blocks” in the warmth of Free Cycles. These carvings will be made with simple tools (penny nails and butter knives work great) into blocks of compressed, resin-bonded sand. The inverse of their impressions will then be cast into iron in the courtyard of Free Cycles.

This event will give several dozen participants (with a cap of 100) the unique chance to create their own art with a material that is most often only cast on an industrial (read massive) scale. Beginning in the 1960s artists started to experiment with producing cast iron on a scale that was accessible to the artist. Prior to this the war effort had spurned American industrial Iron production to the massive scale of which many cities still carry the ghosts. From the hands of Artists the production of iron has been able to shift from multiple city block square operations to a scale manageable by a half dozen trained professionals.

The Director of this event will be Jesse Blumenthal. Jesse Blumenthal is an Instructor in the School of Art at The University of Montana at Missoula and Director of Crested Butte Colorado’s Community Collaborative Iron Pour. He has been working in Industrial Arts Education directing residency programs, internships, as well as community and school based workshops across demographics (and the nation) for over a decade. The Artist’s programming engages participants in historic metal forming techniques such as forging (blacksmithing), foundry (casting iron/aluminum/copper/bronze), and fabrication (welding/cutting/grinding) to promote creative expression in mediums with strong utilitarian roots.

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