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…Providing an Interactive Window to the World…

Connecting Cultures and Communities Through Education, Advocacy and Celebration

At Global and Cultural Affairs, we look through many different lenses and consider a variety of perspectives, in hopes of better understanding global relationships among countries, cultures, governments, peoples, and organizations and gain an improved comprehension of such global topics, as diplomacy, democracy, trade, economics and sustainability. We recognize that global relations, issues and developments, as well as cultural and demographic shifts have a local impact, as our communities, workplaces and schools increasingly consist of various cultural, racial, and ethnic groups.

Through the development and implementation of professional, individual, skill enhancement seminars and complete competence-building programs, focusing on cultural sensitivity training for city and county employees, K-12 schools, non-profit organizations and other public groups, we hope to promote cultural diplomacy, a greater understanding of current global issues and the global dynamics that affect all societies.
A passion for global awareness and intercultural competence moves us forward and we accomplish our goals by:

    • Identifying Opportunities
    • Connecting Existing Resources
    • Stimulating Diverse Perspectives
  • Expanding Possibilities

We strive to connect the diverse cultures and communities in Missoula, providing a window to a world, rich in traditions, customs and values, domestically and internationally. Global awareness and intercultural competence aid significantly in that connection and understanding.

Through our actions and services, we intend to benefit not only the local community, but also the region, State, and nation.

Thank you for your interest in global and cultural affairs, our services and for visiting our website today.

Dr. Udo Fluck
Director, Global and Cultural Affairs

Services Provided:

We develop interactive opportunities and partnerships, promoting intercultural awareness and global competence through four service branches: [Click through to each link for details]

1.)   City & County Employees

2.)  Sister City Partnerships

3.)   Kindergarten – 12 Grade (K-12)

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Feedback on our Intercultural Awareness Trainings: 

“Missoula is a welcoming community and is committed to ensuring that residents and visitors from around the world are at home in this special city. Thanks to our Global and Cultural Affairs at Arts Missoula, we have the resources and expertise to ensure that we learn from each other, celebrate our differences and embrace what we share while making Missoula a better place for all of us.” – John Engen, Mayor, City of Missoula

“With humor, insight and sensitivity, Udo Fluck’s seminar helped dozens of participants navigate the complex waters of ethics and cultural diversity. His inclusive approach and self-effacing leadership made a diverse audience comfortable in discussing these challenging issues. Attendees came away with a better understanding of cultural diversity, and with helpful tools to succeed and lead in an increasingly global society.” – Susan Hay Patrick, CEO, United Way of Missoula County

“As leaders, the awareness and competence to interact with an increasingly diverse audience is critical to our success with employees, colleagues, customers and the larger community. It is also a foundation of work that is grounded in ethics and justice. If you have a chance to attend a workshop by Dr. Udo Fluck, please do so — you will not be sorry! Instead you will be a better leader and a more ethical professional.” –  Betsy Mulligan-Dague, Executive Director Jeannette Rankin Peace Center

My students had the world opened up to them through a very engaging format. Any chance young learners have to gain information from around the world benefits them immensely and the Global and Intercultural Competency Program provided that opportunity for them.” – Carla Woehler, Teacher, 2nd Grade, Chief Charlo School, Missoula

Thank you for the great training! It was one of the best in my 18 years of teaching – interesting, engaging, and relevant not only to my teaching, but also my personal life.”- Jennifer Carlson, Teacher, Chief Charlo School and participant, Global and Intercultural Competency Summer Academy, Missoula

Dr. Fluck’s cultural competency seminars have been wonderful, eye opening additions to my world language classes. I have been extremely impressed and inspired by his presentations, his deep knowledge of his content area, and his enthusiasm. My students have also had the opportunity to learn about cultures and cultural differences in a scientific, quantitative way through Dr. Fluck’s well packed, data loaded and organized presentations. The information they have learned is essential for them as future students in ever increasingly international universities as well as for them as future employees and employers in a world that becomes smaller by the day. Dr. Fluck’s lessons are completely congruent with our MCPS curriculae specifically in reference to our teaching and learning documents on Global Competency, the mission statements outlined in the World Languages Curriculum throughout K-12 programs and our goals regarding adoption and continued success of the International Baccalauriate Program in Missoula schools.” – Lisa Moser, German and French Teacher, Hellgate High School, Missoula


Global and Cultural Affairs proudly collaborates with the following non-profit and community organizations locally: International Rescue Committee, Soft Landing Missoula, Missoula County Public Schools, United Way, Jeannette Rankin Peace Center, Montana World Affairs Council, Inspired Classroom, Missoula International Friendship Program and the Roxy Community Theater.

Global and Cultural Affairs partners internationally with:  Neckargemünd, Germany and Palmerston North, New Zealand to strengthen sister city relationships.

Global and Cultural Affairs liaises with: the University of Montana’s Office of Global Engagement

Global and Cultural Affairs liaises with: Empower Montana, Visit Empower Montana’s Website HERE!

Additional Information and Contact:

For additional information about Udo Fluck’s previous global and intercultural competence program development and training experiences, please visit this website.

For more info about programming, events, festivities and how to get involved, please contact:

Global and Cultural Affairs
P.O. Box 7662
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Office Phone: 406.541.0860