Parking Meter Art: Installation Update



Ever wonder what happened to those 37 Parking Meters that were left over from First Night 2017?

Good news! 3 were selected to be installed into a planter on the corner of Higgins & Pine. ARTS Missoula and the Public Art Committee are thrilled that these quirky pieces have found a home downtown!

The meters are installed garden style, at differing heights in a planter. They are in a prime location for all First Friday walkers and general downtown viewing. You won’t be able to miss them.

This project has been in collaboration with the Missoula Public Art Committee as well as the Missoula Downtown Association. ARTS Missoula is so thankful for the help we have received with finding a location, having the meters donated, and how willing everyone has been to help this endeavor succeed!

So, what’s next?

Frankly, the next step in this Parking Meter Project is still up in the air. The Missoula Public Art Committee may be taking over to create an art call for professional artists in order to commission artworks on the remaining blank meters. (How amazing would that be?!) That said, nothing is set in stone! But, the possibilities are truly endless and surely we will be seeing a lot more parking meter art in years to come. We are excited to see how these old Missoula meters go to good- creative use. ARTS Missoula is thrilled to have had the opportunity to recycle and beautify these old meters.

Take a walk by the corner of Higgins & Pine to view the 3 meters that were installed this week; you cant miss em’!