PromCommon: VonCommon Studio’s Triumphant Return


Bust out your taffetta, your ill fitting tuxedo, and your corasages because it’s Prom time at VonCommon Studios. The artist collective, formerly located downtown on Main Street, has taken a hiatus to move into a bigger, better studio. The Grand ReOpening of VonCommon Studios will happen this Saturday at their new warehouse location on Wyoming Street. True to form, the collective is not content with a simple gallery opening, instead they’ll be welcoming you and your nostalgia in adolescent style with PromCommon – a prom and art show.

The opening and art prom will take place at 7 pm at the new VonCommon Studios featuring live djs, a community mural, a photobooth, grilled delicacies, and of course the art work of the eight VonCommon Studio artists – Marlo Crocifisso, B. Jean S., Nate Biehl, ladypajama, Caitlin Hofmeister, Adelaide Every, Miranda Carson, and Bente Grinde. This is also a potluck party and guests are encouraged to bring food and drink to share.

Though for some downtowners a trip to Wyoming Street can feel like driving to the state of Wyoming, the good people at VonCommon want you to know it’s not that far away. In an effort to illustrate the point, tomorrow night’s soiree will be kicked off with a bike parade from Caras Park at 6:30 pm.


The studios provide much needed space for the member artists to create, but also give them the invaluable resource of each other. Outside of a school setting it can be difficult for an emerging artist to find helpful critiques of works in progress, or the motivation to continue working dilligently on a piece. The members of this collective provide that support structure for one another along with providing the funds necessary to rent a studio.

As the VonCommoners put it, the studio is like a clubhouse for artists. It’s a chance to have a working space, as well as an opportunity to collaborate, socialize, and receive the support that an emerging artist needs to thrive.

VonCommon Founders (left to right): Adelaide Every, B. Jean S., Marlo Crocifisso
VonCommon Founders (left to right): Adelaide Every, B. Jean S., Marlo Crocifisso

VonCommon Studios also provide a valuable service to our creative community. They leave themselves open ended and enthusiastic about new and different approaches to art and art events. The only guiding principles VonCommon holds to can best be summed up by founding member Jonathon Marquis, “making art, showing art, developing friendships, and growing as humans.” – that, and paying the rent of course. Which leaves the collective fairly open, creating a distinct opportunity for emerging artists to join the community.

This openness had allowed for a number of artists to create fascinating work that lives well outside the mainstream. VonCommon Studios gives its artists the freedom to experiment, to think outside the box, and to enhance their art through support structures mentioned above.

So take a step outside the norm this Saturday and see what the VonCommon artists have been up to. And remember, they’re not an organization or a gallery, they’re a clubhouse. They don’t want your money, they just want to show you a good time.