Virtual Gallery: Year Without a Summer; Courtney Blazon

» Virtual Gallery: Year Without a Summer; Courtney Blazon

Welcome to our Virtual Gallery! This platform is courtesy of Kunstmatrix. Please read below for more details.

Year Without a Summer, Art Erupts: From Missoula to the World

All artwork by Courtney Blazon


Dr.  Udo Fluck, Director of Global & Cultural Affairs at Arts Missoula, Courtney Blazon and Becca MacLean  have been working on this virtual gallery project since the Summer of 2018. Missoula, Montana has two sister cities; one in Palmerston North, New Zealand and another in Neckargemϋnd, Germany. Global and Cultural Affairs works to reinvigorate bonds and relationships with these cities through all means possible.  The creation of this virtual gallery space allows us to interact creatively with our sister cities by simply embedding or emailing a link for international viewers to easily navigate the art from across the world virtually instead of spending a fortune of time and resources to physically ship pieces of art work to a gallery overseas.

This exhibition is titled, “A Year Without a Summer, Art Erupts: From Missoula to the World” and functions through a platform called Kunstmatrix that was created in Berlin, Germany. Our intention is to embed this virtual gallery on our website, (as seen above) for public access and send it to our sister cities in Germany and New Zealand. There will be a supplementary Youtube Video coming soon with exhibition details and history from Courtney. Please feel free to explore the gallery manually with your mouse, touchpad, or arrow keys OR you can click “start tour” to have an automated experience. Please call (406)-541-0860 with questions.

THANK YOU to the Branch Center, the University Center on the University of Montana campus and KUFM Radio. Also, thank you Barbara Koostra, the Executive Director  of Montana Museum of Art & Culture for their support during the creation and and opening of this virtual gallery. Lastly, thank you to Kunstmatrix, in Berlin, Germany, the website platform used for this pilot program. To check out a post on our virtual gallery from the Arts Missoula newsletter, click here!

More details on the exhibition:

“I have been working on the Year Without a Summer series since March of 2016 (the bicentennial of the aforementioned “Year without a Summer”), though the seed for the project wasborn on a summer vacation in 2015, when I was reading a book about the subject and started to see the basis for a really extraordinary visual narrative. This body of work was inspired by the Volcanic eruption of Mount Tambora on the island of Sumbawa in Indonesia in April of 1815, and the subsequent global repercussions as volcanic gasses caused a worldwide aerosol cloud that clogged up the sky, causing climate anomalies recorded around the world, as well as beautiful works of literature, advances in fields of science, and feats of human ingenuity . This exhibition intertwines lots of subjects—natural history, meteorology, romantic poetry, climate science, political science, world history, gothic literature, religious studies, art history, and more—as well as illustrates the global impact of a single event and its far reaching (in time and space) effect throughout recorded history,which we felt was fitting for the purpose of this global virtual exhibit! In addition to the works you see that are completed in the gallery, you will also see a few placeholder pieces. I am in the process of researching and sketching my ideas for pieces that are specifically about Montana, Germany and New Zealand in the years surrounding and including 1816, and this pieces will examine what impact the eruption of Mount Tambora might have had on them.” – Courtney Blazon, Artist